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How to repair and maintain automatic garage doors

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How to Repair Automatic Garage Doors

by Sarah Crompton

The automatic garage door in your home will require repairs when it
begins to malfunction or does not work correctly. You can ensure that your
garage door continues to remain in good working order if you keep it clean
and properly maintained. There are also other factors that you need to

Cleaning the Door

Scrub the surface of the door with a solution of dish soap and water. This
can be done with a soft bristle brush or a car brush. You should clean your
garage door up to four times each year. Regular washing of the garage door
will prevent the build up of grime and other corrosive elements. Make sure
that you do not use chemical cleaners that can damage components of the
door. Salt used to melt snow will need to be kept away from the door to
prevent corroding door components. 

Moving Parts

The moving parts of roller garage doors will need to be lubricated with a
light-weight oil. This includes the springs, rollers, and hinges of the
door. You will need to this at least once a year. The best type of oil to
use is an oil that is in the form of a spray. If you notice any parts on
your door that are loose, they may need to be replaced. The cylinder for

roller shutter garage doors

will need to have the rollers oiled as well. 

roller shutter garage door opening

Door Opener
is Noisy

Pull on the emergency handle on the door when it is in the down position.
Lift up on the door and let it slide up the track. If the door seems heavy
to lift, a problem may exist with the springs. However, your opener may have
a loose chain the needs to be tightened. 

Opener Does Not

If the opener for your garage door does not operate from the remote or
wall-mounted control, your unit may not have power. Unplug the power cord
and plug in another electrical device, such as a light to see if it turns
on. If the device does not turn on, check to see if there is a blown fuse or
a tripped breaker on your circuit panel. Another option is to verify that
the safety sensors are properly set. Sensors not set to detect each other
prevent the door from opening. Adjust the position of the sensors to see if
your door will open or close.




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