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Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips

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With energy prices and supplies fluctuating wildly
around the world I thought it would be a good idea to include some easy
ways to help reduce fuel consumption in cars.  If you take some of
these on board it could not only help your wallet but also the
environment.  A win – win situation.

1: Check tyre (tire) pressure every week. Incorrect
tyre pressure puts more strain on the engine and burns more fuel e.g. if
your tyres are too soft this can increase fuel consumption by 2%.

2: Remove any unnecessary weight from your car as
increased weight equals increased petrol consumption. This also applies
when filling up. If you fill the tank completely this increases the
payload and also the amount of fuel used.

3: Remove roof racks etc., unless absolutely
necessary as the drag these cause increases fuel usage. Other things to
consider are open windows and sunroofs – if these are open the vehicle is
less aerodynamic. This can increase fuel consumption by up to 30%.

car with huge item on roof rack


man hanging onto steering wheel of red sports car4: Drive smoothly. Avoid sharp braking and
acceleration and keep to a steady speed; believe it or not this can save
as much as 30% on fuel costs although, of course, this is dependent on
your usual type of driving. Slowing by 10 mph can save approximately 40p.
on fuel every 10 miles (at UK prices)

5: Avoid long idles. Don’t leave your engine
running in order to warm it up; just drive a little more gently for the
first few minutes of driving instead. On a completely different note;
leaving your keys in the ignition whilst the car is unoccupied leaves it
open to theft so this is another good reason for not warming your car up.

6: Try to minimize short journeys as these are
costly on fuel.

7: Switch off your air conditioning this is heavy
on fuel.

8: If you vehicle is fitted with ‘cruise control’
use it on long journeys.

9: Change gear efficiently at the optimum speed.

10: Dirty air filters can reduce fuel economy; they
should be replaced regularly. The car should also be serviced regularly.

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