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Basic Road Sense for cyclists

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As well as the Highway Code Rules for Cyclists about which you need to be
aware, there are some basic common sense considerations to make when you’re cycling
on the road.

  • Some cyclists insist on skipping red lights and jumping on and off the pavement to get
    past traffic. You shouldn’t get into the habit of either as accidents can occur and
    it might not necessarily be you that gets hurt.
  • Adopt a confidence stance when cycling and avoid dithering when changing lanes or
    turning. Let drivers know what you’re planning to do well in advance and signal
    clearly before every manoeuvre.
  • Get used to anticipating what other drivers are planning to do, for example, if a car in
    front of you slows down and veers to the right, they may be making a right turn without
    using their indicator.
  • Always cycle a car’s door width away from parked cars and don’t allow yourself to
    be pushed in.
  • Watch out for large vehicles such as buses and lorries whose drivers are high up and may
    not see you. Avoid cycling alongside them in case they have to suddenly turn in towards
  • When cycling behind open-backed buses be prepared for people jumping off into the road.
  • Try to cycle in a straight line and avoid swinging out suddenly to avoid glass or
    potholes unless you’re sure there’s no traffic behind you.
  • Make eye contact with drivers at junctions so they know you’re there, and watch out
    for drivers making left turns.
  • Avoid getting into rows. Road rage takes on a whole new meaning when it involves a
    juggernaut and bicycle! If you think someone has driven dangerously, take a note of the
    registration number and report it to the police.

     The following additional safety measure have been sent in my Sarah

    “I always try to cycle at least two feet from the kerb or on the
    road signs of the yellow lines.  This means that car driver take me
    more seriously and don’t try to squeeze me into the kerb;  cars and
    lorries slow down before overtaking me, meaning that I am less likely to
    be caught by a “whoosh” of air as they pass at speed.  Also
    if I do hit a pot hole, skid or swerve I have more room to correct before
    hitting the kerb”.

    Another tip send in by Clare Barnett:-

    “Wear something bright all year round and not just in the dark and cycle
    more careful on wet roads they can be very slippery in the wet. “



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