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The Sudoku Inspired Games Room

Easy as 1-2-3: The Sudoku Inspired Game Room

by Alyssa Davis

Sudoku is a game puzzle based on the logical placement of numbers. 

It has caused a recent game craze and as a result, many people are huge
Sudoku fans. 

Because it is so popular and fun, it can be a great overall theme for your family game room.

sudoku puzzles

Locating the Decorating Supplies

Finding decorating supplies for a Sudoku inspired game room can be incredibly easy, especially now since the game is currently so popular. You will find many paper-based games, which can work well for wall art when framed. 

If your family members are fans of the games and often play the game in paper format, you probably have a good supply of completed game sheets already. You could also use a large whiteboard on the wall to use as an ongoing erasable
Sudoku game board. 

In fact, there are even customized Sudoku whiteboards on the market that you can simply purchase, mount and enjoy. 

Wooden Sudoku board sets can also be a great source of decorating inspiration, as they are often quite beautiful and well-crafted. 

cartoon rabbit holding paint tin and brush Or, if you plan to paint game board designs on the walls, you can simply purchase small quantities of regular latex wall paint or containers of acrylic craft paints in the correct colors. 

You could even simulate a large Sudoku board on the floor by using a pattern of colored floor tiles, carpet tiles, or by piecing together carpet scraps in a pattern to form a fun area rug.

Sudoku Decorating Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your overall theme and have collected some decorating supplies, you are ready to start the fun part. 

If you are going to paint a design on the wall, this should probably be the first thing you do. It is important to measure and draw lines carefully when creating grid patterns on the wall, so that everything looks properly aligned. You can use a plumb bob, level, or a yardstick to help keep things straight and even. 

If you paint a board on the wall, you could even accessorize it with vinyl decal stick-on numbers for added fun instead of painting the numbers. 

By doing this, you could even play a gigantic game of
Sudoku on the wall if you wanted to! 

cardboard box full of numbers

Using a regular whiteboard or one that has been specially designed as a
Sudoku board is also a great decorating touch to add to the game room wall. 

bag full of artists equipment You could also decorate one wall with finely crafted wood boards, or create a family
Sudoku “Hall of Fame” by framing and displaying some of the completed paper game sheets of your family members. 

This can be a fun way of decorating while having fun as a family at the same time. 

You can also cut up new Sudoku
books, using the colorful covers of the book as framed wall art.

If you have a table in the game room, you could cover a paper game sheet or the cover of a game book with clear vinyl, making
Sudoku-themed place mats.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll find that your game room will take on new life after it’s been decorated to resemble your favorite number puzzle game.