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Skateboarding Tricks – How to Ollie

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Tricks: How to Ollie

from Skatehut.co.uk


So you’ve picked your
favourite from all the jazzy skateboards and have
got the hang of the general method of riding, what next? The first trick
most people move on to is almost always the ‘Ollie’.  It is the foundation
of the majority of other skateboarding tricks and if you get a handle on
that one then you’ll find it much easier when you move on to the more
complicated stuff. But how do you produce the perfect Ollie?

man riding skateboardThe first phase is getting the
correct stance.

The ball of your back foot should be
on the tail of the skateboard with your front just behind the front
trucks. This is also slightly based on the comfort of the rider so
feel free to adapt slightly depending on your personal preference.

From there you need to bend
your knees and slam your back foot down as hard as possible. The harder you
slam, the higher you go. At this point you need to jump up from your back
foot as well and raise your body into the air. This is a motion that will
take some practice but is the key to a good Ollie.

This phase is called the
‘the pop’- timing is everything.

So what’s your front foot doing
while this is going on? It is basically your steering wheel – it is
used to guide the skateboard where you want it to go.

Really all you need to do is drag the
side of your foot up the board; this guides the board where you want
it to go as well as pulling it up slightly more using the grip tape
on the board itself. Again, it will take time to get the hang of but
will come naturally with time.

boy on skateboard

Once in the air, you need
to level the skateboard out. After you’ve jumped you should pull your knees
up to your chest and get into a (floating) crouch position. As you’ve
reached the maximum height of your jump and you feel yourself starting to
drop you need to think about levelling out the board. This is done by
getting both feet level on top of the board as you come back down to earth
and ensuring the board lands flat.

boy falling off boardNow’s the tough part. Many
people can get in the air and flick the board up but struggle when
it comes to landing back down with the board in control.

The key is getting the skateboard
straight in the air and then really bending your knees as you land.
This will give you better control and also minimise the possibility
of any unwanted injuries.

And then all that’s left to
do is roll away and soak up the glory of the perfect Ollie! It will
certainly take some time to master, but persevere and follow these tips and
you’ll end up with a great foundation to become a top class skateboarder
capable of producing every trick in the book!


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