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Using Colorful Origami to Accessorize a Game Room

by Alyssa Davis  

Origami is a beautiful Oriental craft that involves creating shapes, designs and figures from folded paper. 

It ranges from simple folded shapes that even a child can create to intricately folded designs that require a great deal of patience and expertise. 

origami bird

The results are often beautiful and work extremely well as decorating accents for the home. With a little imagination and creativity, you can use origami as the overall inspiration for a beautiful family game room.

Choosing Your Overall Origami Inspiration

There are so many possibilities when decorating with origami that it can sometimes be difficult to decide on an overall decorating theme. 

You could focus on traditionally folded Oriental designs, and perhaps even purchase completed paper folding to use when decorating the room. 

You could also look for posters and other kinds of artwork that show completed origami pieces. Even the intricately detailed instructions for creating various origami designs can make for interesting wall art in the game room. 

children around a table folding paper If you or another member of the family enjoys paper folding, you could use their actual origami creations as part of the overall room design. Or, if you have never learned origami but would like to, plan a family craft night and let everybody participate in the creation of decorations for the game room.

Origami Decorating Supplies

Decorating supplies could include origami pieces that have already been created. Books and instruction sheets can also become beautifully framed wall art. 

If you plan on creating some of your own origami decorations, you will need a good supply of paper. Although there is special paper designed for paper folding which works wonderfully, you can also use other colorful patterned papers such as scrapbook paper or even gift wrap.

Origami Decorating Ideas

You can use origami in the game room in a purely decorative fashion, or to add some functional and yet beautiful pieces to the room. 

For example, a framed collage created from flat folded shapes can be beautiful as framed wall art, but a folded paper vase could hold a decorative arrangement of dried flowers or branches. 

You can also create useful items for the room such as decorative storage boxes, letter holders, coasters, and picture frames.

You could even create a folded origami picture frame to highlight an Oriental poster or the beautiful cover from an instructional book on paper folding to add a decorating touch to the room.

Although pieces folded by masters of the craft can be extremely beautiful, using pieces folded by your own family members is the best way to personalize the game room. If you and your family have never folded paper before, learning together could be a fun family activity. All you need is an instruction book, a good supply of paper to practice on, and a work table. After a family activity night learning origami together, you will probably have more than enough pieces to decorate your game room. Plus, since it's only paper, you will find that it is also an inexpensive way of decorating a room. origami swan





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