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How to move Media Equipment or Computers to a different room

by Veronica Smith of AmericanArtisanArt.com

Setting up a media room can be a fun, yet challenging task. The synchronization of complex electronics is not always easy. When moving media to a media room, there are a few steps that should be followed to ensure that the move is as painless as possible.

Label Everything

maid carrying tv If the media is set up in another part of the home and is being transferred to a new location, the best thing to do before starting to disassemble it, is to label it. 

Zip ties labeled with a permanent marker can easily wrap around cords and mark what attaches to each piece. This may seem like a laborious process, especially if there are a lot of cords, but when reassembling the pieces in the new media room it will save a great deal of time and aggravation.

One Piece at a Time

It is tempting to grab as many pieces as can be carried all at once and move them. The danger of this is that, sometimes, the electronics are not as stable as they may seem and may tip and fall. 

If the electronic components are sensitive to jostling, this may also impact their ability to work properly. 

people carrying a pile of boxed purchases

Carrying one piece of electronics at a time will ensure that each piece arrives in its new location safely and without unnecessary shaking or bouncing. 

The one piece at a time approach also helps keep the media room organized as the new pieces are being brought in. If it is possible, start by bringing the bottom pieces into the room first. Subsequent pieces can then be reassembled quickly and easily. 

Reassembling the Electronics

Once the media is in the new media room, it is time to begin reassembling the pieces.

computer leads

The conveniently labeled cords will be organized and easy to reattach to the correct machines.

Take the time to hook up one piece at a time, so that the cords stay under control. Keep a bag of zip ties handy to wrap around the cords as installation is completed. The zip ties pull the cords together and create a neater, less cluttered look in the room.

Reconnecting to the Internet

Most media rooms rely heavily on an Internet connection. If the home is wired with cable Internet and the new media room is not equipped with a cable, a professional cable installer will need to be called. Usually, the company that is providing the Internet service will come out and install a new line. There will be a cost involved, so be sure to plan ahead and work the expense into the budget.

If a cable is already in the room or the electronics are connected to a wireless router, attempt to connect to the Internet once the components are reinstalled. If there is difficulty connecting, try moving the wireless router to a different location in the house or, if possible, bring it into the media room itself.  cartoon televisions

Moving media into a media room is a delicate job that requires patience and pre-planning. Take the time to do it correctly and do not rush through the disassembly or installation of the components in the new room. Clear any static charges that may collect while walking across carpets and use caution and care when moving any expensive electronics in the home.

Working for years as a design consultant Veronica Smith has  joined AmericanArtisanArt.com where she plans to incorporate her decorating aesthetic for metal wall sculptures and contemporary wall hangings

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