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How to decorate a media room for game play.



The media
room is a great location for playing games. 
Decorating the room can be fun and exciting and can tie in all
manners of games.  From video
games to board games, each has its place in the room’s decor. 
Try some of the fun ideas below to liven up the media room and
bring game decor to a whole new level.


No matter
what type of video game system is installed, there are bound to be favorite
games and characters.  Draw some
of those favorite things into the room by displaying them in the decor. 

Posters or hand-drawn characters from some fun games can be laminated
or framed and hung on the wall.  

there is a tournament among family members or friends taking place,
incorporate that into the media room decor as well. 
A large white board divided into a scoreboard can be hung on the wall
and is a great way to keep track of who is winning while decorating the

Figurines of
video game characters are fun to display on shelves or tables around the

super hero

A fun craft to decorate the media room involves making
coasters with a video game theme:-  

  • Get
    3″ x 3″ squares of clear Plexiglass, various pictures of people
    playing video games or color copies of the characters’ heads, and
    quick-drying, extra-strength glue. 

  • Cut
    the pictures to size and place each one between two pieces of Plexiglass.  


  • Run a line of glue about 1/8″ away from the edge of the
    Plexiglass and glue the pieces together. 

    After it is dry, you will have a fun and unique collection of
    coasters for the media room.

Board and
Card Games

shelves of collectables

Most media
rooms also have a table for playing games. 

Board games and card games are fun and easy to tie into the decor.  

Take old board games, frame them and hang them on the wall for an
instant focal point filled with color and nostalgia.  

The games tokens can be displayed in a large glass vase or
bowl for whimsy and colorful decor. 

can be placed under a sheet of glass on the table for a unique looking game
area.  If decoupage is a hobby,
try adhering cards to the seat of bar stools in the room.  

Be creative and do not be afraid to use the old board games
and game pieces in new and unusual ways.

Room Decor

Most media
rooms have solid walls or very limited window space. 
This helps keep out light glare and holds sound in the room. 
If there are small windows, consider using fabric designed with the
characters of well known games on it.  Some
video game companies have licensed fabric that can be quickly made into a

To make a curtain
simply fold in the raw edges and glue them together with fabric glue before
creating a pocket for the curtain rod by folding down a larger piece at the

A game themed throw rug or
throw blanket is also a great way to decorate a media room for game play.

playing cards used as a decoration

Choose the
looks that will work for the space available. 
Be creative and think outside the box to create an interesting and
fun space.  The media room can
be more than simple monotones and leather; it can be an exciting place to
spend time playing games with family and friends.   


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