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Building a media room around a television set


by Jessica Ackerman

Often, the television set is
the largest item in a media room, so it is only natural to build your
media room around it. 

Media rooms provide the
perfect setting for enjoying movies together, or for playing video games
and entertaining friends and relatives. 

Dealing with Wiring

With any television set comes
a jumble of wires, especially since it is likely that you have not only a
cable or satellite box hooked up to your television, but also a DVD, VCR,
video game and more, all running from one space. 

large media cabinet
Your media
room will be more inviting if you can keep cords, wires, and other
components hidden and out of the view of your guests. 

Reducing the visual clutter of your
media room may be as simple as selecting a good media cabinet with
doors that close up to hide the television while offering plenty of

A wireless speaker system will also
help to reduce the clutter from wires and cords. 

If your television is the
size that can be fit easily into a media cabinet, go for it. This
will also make the room more useful for other activities when you’re
not using the television.

Of course, some televisions are
“big screen” models that won’t fit in a traditional media

If your television can be mounted on
the wall and the wires hidden within the wall, be sure to consider
that option. 

unusual step design media cabinet

Lighting the Media Room

Just like in a theater, you
want to have optimal lighting for the media room to better enjoy watching
television in this room. 

curtains / drapes at a window

Consider room darkening
drapes or shades so that you can view movies in the best light, even
during the daytime. 

Dimmer switches on other
lighting fixtures allow you to turn the light “up” or
“down” to suit your particular viewing style. 


Making the room less prone to
noise from outside may be as simple as installing an acoustic fabric wall
that insulates the room. This also keeps the noise from your television
and home theater setup from penetrating into other areas of the

If you don’t want to spring
for soundproofing the entire home, considering soundproofing the wall that
faces that part of the house that is often occupied. 

Consider a surround sound
system for the most realistic theater experience. 


You can make viewing more
pleasurable in your media room by installing the seating in the room
at the appropriate distance from the television screen. Seats that
are too far off certainly do nothing to enhance the experience of
viewing but if seats are too close, the picture is distorted. This
is particularly true of larger screen televisions. 

Your television operator’s manual
will provide you with a recommended seating distance; some of the
biggest televisions may require that you and your guests sit up to
ten feet away from the screen. 

man in arm shair watching huge tv

Provide enough seating so that
those who regularly use the room will have a comfortable spot to sit.

You might also want to
purchase some bean bag style chairs that you can bring out when you have
extra guests or stock the room with some floor pillows for times that your
children might entertain their friends in the room.


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