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Tips to help improve your golf; simple things you can try to correct golfing problems.

flag on green


golf ball on tee

Here are a few tips which may help to improve your
golf but I make no promises:-

  • To help get your balance right practice by standing
    on two bricks (one under each foot).

  • To improve the speed of your stroke
    practice with a
    bamboo cane instead of a golf club – the cane allows you to hear the speed of your swing.

  • If you place your golf bag close to your side this
    will help to correct exaggerated hip movement.

  • To help you keep your head down when striking the
    ball use mixed coloured tees and, as you strike the ball call out the colour of the tee.
      This apparently helps concentration – but it could get you strange looks from other

  • To help keep you arm straight when practising your
    swing, cut the ends of a large fizzy drink bottle (leaving a tube) and slip this over your
    elbow.  You will be unable to bend your elbow.

  • To hold your wrist in the correct position when
    , slip a comb or pen under your watch strap (as long as you wear this on the
    correct wrist), so it extends past your wrist.  This will act as a sort of splint and
    prevent any unnecessary movement of the wrist.

  • To practice putting
    aim at a tee instead of the hole.
      As a tee is a much smaller object to hit the hole will be a doddle – so they tell

  • If you land in a bunker
    imagine the ball is the yolk
    of a fried egg.  When hitting the ball imagine you are trying to lift the egg without
    breaking the yolk.  Well it’s worth a try!

  • To keep golf gloves supple when not in use, place two
    golf balls inside the glove before putting in your bag.  The movement of the balls
    will keep the glove supple.

  • If a small child shows interest in golf have one of
    your old clubs cut down to size and let them use this.