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Games Console Guide

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Useful hints and tips when choosing a games console.

There are a number of different types of games consoles available to buy online, with some outstanding features and playing capabilities. From the latest models with high definition graphics to take-anywhere handheld models, there is a console for you! Here are some useful hints and tips for things to consider when choosing a games console. 

How to Choose a Games Console: Introduction

Games consoles are computer systems that enable users to play many types of game using a keypad or joystick device. The games console can be plugged into a television or monitor. Most modern games consoles also play music CDs, DVDs and can connect to the internet, making them a home entertainment system rather than just a games machine. 

Early models of video games consoles in the 1970's and 1980's used games cartridges that would slot into the unit, while during the 1990's, the concept of using a compact disc to hold games was introduced with the popular Sony Playstation. 

Today's game consoles can use flash memory, DVDs and hard drives, and the latest models can even play high definition Blu-Ray and HD-DVD video discs. 

You Want to Buy A Games Console - But Which Type? 

There are two main types of games console, those designed for home use and handheld portable games consoles. 

Leading standard games consoles include: 

  • Nintendo Wii - Launched in 2006, the Nintendo Wii is compact, stylish and is backwards compatible, so you can play games designed for Nintendo's previous games console, the Gamecube. One of the most affordable quality games consoles available, the Nintendo Wii uses 512 MB of internal flash memory to enhance game play, has 2 USB ports for improved connectivity to other devices and a built-in WiFi system for connecting to other devices wirelessly. One of the most exciting features of the Wii is using the specially designed Wii controllers. The Wii has a portable Bluetooth sensor bar that detects the movement and position of the controllers allowing sports games such as tennis to take on a more realistic aspect.

Nintendo WII and accessories

Look out for deal - Nintendo WII Consoles that include the latest Wii Games – use comparison sites where you can search hundreds of stores for the best prices and deals, place an order and find out delivery details and stock levels of the latest wii games such as wii fit.

  • Sony Playstation 3 - One of the newest and high tech games consoles available, the Sony Playstation 3 features a high definition Blu-Ray disc player. When connected to a HD television both graphics and sound are fantastically crisp and clear. The Playstation 3 has a 60 gigabyte hard drive to store video, music and game information files, and a wireless internet connection is available for multi-player gaming and online entertainment. It will also play many games designed for the previous Playstation models.
Sony playstation

MIcrosoft XBox 360
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 - Manufactured by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 rivals the Playstation 3 for high definition game playing and movies. Games specially designed for the Xbox 360 feature cinematic-like graphics and full surround sound. You can buy the Xbox 360 as a Core or Full system. 

The Core system is more affordable while the Full system comes with extra features including a 20 gigabyte hard drive for storing files. 

Music and picture files stored on the Xbox 360 can be viewed using Microsoft Windows, and the console can also be connected to the internet via broadband for downloading game demos and playing online multi-player games. 

Handheld consoles

Handheld consoles are ideal for gaming when you're on the move, and boast similar features and capabilities to standard games consoles with a similar range of games. Handheld consoles available include: 

  • Nintendo DS Lite - Portable, slim and with two bright screens and great battery life. Using touch screen technology, the Nintendo DS Lite uses 'PictoChat' software for writing and drawing directly onto the screen, and you can then send your messages or pictures to other devices wirelessly. There is a wide range of games available for the Nintendo DS Lite, and with stereo sound and a headphone option, this is a versatile games console with excellent 3D visual effects.
Nintendo DS Lite and games

  • Sony PSP - The Sony PSP is a portable version of the Playstation, which weighs just 260g and has a fantastic 4.3 inch widescreen that displays incredible graphics. Apart from the wide range of games available for this console, you can also use the PSP to play music and watch movies while on the move. If you use the PSP near an internet wireless access area you can download game content straight to the PSP or play games online. Battery life lasts up to 6 hours - enough to entertain you during most train journeys and flights!

How to Choose Games Console Games

Games for games consoles are usually made for particular models, so you should see what types of games are available for each. Some consoles are popular for certain types of games, but it's worth noting that most of the biggest sellers are often available for all models of games console. 

Do I Need to Buy an Extended Games Console Warranty?

It's a good idea to compare games console prices between retailers when shopping online and to set a limit on the amount of money that you're prepared to spend. By shopping around you might be able to take advantage of special offers and discounts. 

Games consoles will usually come with a warranty that will cover you for any necessary repairs or a replacement under certain conditions. Warranties can differ between different brands of games console and retailers, so it's worth comparing them to find the one that suits you. 





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