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How to Set Up a Dart Board in the best location and the height and space required.

To Set Up A Dart Board

Simon Phillips

man with feet on desk throwing dartsA
dart board is a great accessory to have in any games room, with all the
different variations of darts games providing hours of entertainment for
family and friends. 

Here are
a few helpful tips to bear in mind if you’re thinking of installing a
dart board in your home:

  • The
    location of your dart board is all important. 
    It may sound obvious, but it’s essential to make sure
    there’s enough space to play a decent game of darts. 
    As a guide you’ll need a clear area of around 11ft long by
    5ft wide.  Try to locate your dart board away from doorways or
    anywhere people may need to walk through. 
    Not only can this be disruptive to the game, you don’t want
    to injure anyone with a stray dart!
  • Check
    that the wall where you’re mounting your dartboard is flat. 
    You can either fix a backboard behind your dart board to
    protect the surrounding wall from damage from dart tips, or you could
    install a cabinet. 

made especially for
dart boards are useful for storing your darts and
accessories, and enable you to close the doors on your board when
it’s not in use.

  • Also
    check that your floor is flat and doesn’t slope at all. 
    You may want to buy a dart mat to protect your flooring and to
    mark out the correct distance from the throw line to the board. 
    Mats are good for covering concrete floors, which can damage
    dart shafts, and for protecting wooden flooring that is prone to
    becoming dotted with holes over time. 
    Carpet is another option, but again it is subject to wear and

  • When
    hanging your dart board it’s important to take accurate
    measurements.  The proper
    vertical height should be exactly 5ft 8” (173 cms) from the middle of the bulls eye to
    the ground. 

If you don’t have a dart mat, you’ll need to mark out a throw line on the
floor, using tape or chalk, or a piece of wood or metal. 

The throw line (measured
horizontally from wall) should be exactly 7ft 9.25” (237
cms) from the board.

The diagonal distance from the
centre of the bull to the back of the throwing line should be
9ft 7.5″ (293.4 cms)**

you’ve got your board in position you can add the finishing touches,
such as fixing a scoreboard on the wall next to the dart board and
making sure there are some comfortable seats nearby for spectators.

Additional information provided by Chris Bond