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Bridal Shower Games – how to organise a bridal shower or hen party and games suggestions

Shower Games That’ll Have ‘em Rollin’

by Jack Brooks

a bridal shower can be a load of fun, whether it’s traditional or
creative, and especially if you incorporate a game or two to add an original
and personalized angle to it.

Any party planner will tell you that the trick
to throwing a successful shower begins with a great theme and has activities
to get the crowd upbeat, connected and involved.

Set the tone and launch the
theme from the beginning with the game setup on the invitations.

A good way
to set the mood is by choosing a music menu that not only promotes guest
interaction but also fits with the games.

cartoon of two dancing ghosts

Keep these guidelines in mind when
you set up your bridal shower festivities:


  • Steer
    away from written tests unless the game is so compelling people will
    take the time and trouble to deal with pencil and paper, although
    preparing cards that’ll be read ahead of time will help keep momentum
    in the game. Calling out answers is not only more fun and interactive,
    but also generates camaraderie.


  • Choose
    games that will not make your guests feel awkward, pressured or
    embarrassed. Unless you’re having a very intimate and like-minded
    group of people, avoid topics or themes that are too personal,
    controversial, or excessively racy.


  • Prizes
    and favors can add zest and involvement to the games, however, consider
    giving whimsical and inexpensive prizes, rather than expensive items
    that might cause discomfort to the winner.

shower games get the party going
, and are great icebreakers. 
cartoon melting ice cube with head

Here are
some ideas:-

  1. Who
    Am I
    Write the names of famous personalities on index cards. Attach a card to
    each guest’s back as she arrives. The guest must not know whose name
    is attached to her back. To find out, she must ask the other guests for
    clues. The first person to identify the correct name is the winner.

  2. Bride
    make up trivia cards beforehand with questions about the bride –
    “how did she get the scar on her knee?” “What was her first
    pet’s name?” et cetera. Read the cards out to the guests. The guest
    that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

  3. The
    Purse Game
    the hostess draws up a list of items likely to appear in a woman’s
    purse and allocates a point value to each item ranging from 1-5
    depending on how uncommon the item is. An eyelash curler might be a 5 on
    the scale for example, a mirror a 3, and car keys a 1. The hostess might
    also decide to allow 10 bonus points for the guest who can produce the
    most outrageous item from her purse. The guest with the most points wins
    the game.

  4. First Kiss
    : Everyone remembers their first kiss. The bride
    can kick things off by telling of the time she and her fiance first
    kissed. Then, each guest tells the story of their first kiss with their
    husband or boyfriend. Younger guests can tell a story of how they
    imagine that their first kiss will be like. Everyone then votes on the
    most romantic story and the funniest!

popular bridal shower games include: 

    • True Lies
      where one person claims to have done something outrageous and anyone
      else who’s done that thing tosses in a penny or candy favor. The
      person with the most items left wins this fun game.

    • Forbidden Words
      Each visitor is given a paper clip and are told two words they must
      not mention (i.e. “wedding”, and the groom’s name). If they
      do, they lose their paper clips to the one who caught them mentioning
      the forbidden words. Whoever accumulates the most paper clips wins the

    • Balloon Hunk,

      guest is given a balloon containing either a picture and/or
      description of a man inside it. After they’ve all been blown up and
      passed around, each one pops their balloon with a provided pin and
      whoever who finds the hunk is the winner!

    paper clips

    often, bridal showers are most fun and successful if the theme
    of the shower and the planned games tie in together. If it’s to be a
    beach location, plan sport or water-related games, if held at a hotel,
    geographic or travel-related games will work. If a lingerie-themed party,
    then “girl-talk” games would fit. Some effort and thought put into this
    fun part of the bride’s prenuptial celebration can make for a
    well-deserved break for the bride (and it may help the groom, too!) from the
    stress of wedding planning.