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A Mind-Body Connection Will Help You Slim Down: your exercise mindset


A Mind-Body Connection Will Help You Slim

Jack Brooks

a lot of information available about getting ourselves motivated to
exercise and the benefits of it in weight management. 

The obvious tips of scheduling and prioritizing regular physical
activity, purposely taking stairs and parking further away from
destinations, walking or biking rather than driving and other
suggestions give us the concept
for exercising, but sometimes we could use some help with the context.

The diverse areas of sports psychology, yoga, meditation, kinesthetics,
neuropsychology, and even metaphysics offer new and exciting ways to
create a holistic approach for our
body management program.

increasing popularity of Eastern disciplines and techniques, such as
yoga, acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and shamanism that have become
so much a part of alternative medicine here in the West have helped
establish the medical viewpoint that the mind has profound influence on
the physical elements of who we are. So let’s take advantage of this
connection for effectiveness and enjoyment as we work towards our weight
management goals.

Work For Outer Results

together a comprehensive program requires a choice of techniques.
Here’s some that’ll give us a starting point before we actually

  • Preparatory

    we think of meditation as a relaxing, stress-relieving technique
    and indeed it is. Imagine beginning your exercise regimen with 10 or
    15 minutes of quiet, focused meditation; we might call this a
    “Spirit Workout” used to launch you into your physical workout
    or walk.

  • Creative
    – This is simply the method of mentally seeing your body slimmer and glowing, feeling the warm sweat of the workout on your skin, and smelling
    the crisp Fall air as you mentally jog through the park. This
    positive mental energy encourages your body to produce beneficial
    biochemicals and in conjunction with the meditation noted above,
    becomes your own weight
    loss hypnosis program.

  • Light/Sound/Scent

    – new studies in the yoga community show a definite ink between
    external sensory stimuli and bodily responses for energy levels,
    muscle performance and reaction time. You can use this to your
    advantage by arranging your Walkman or iPod music so it gradually
    ups the “pace,” as well as moving from the darkened indoor
    meditation space to the well-lit indoor or outdoor exercise

Exercise Mindset

There’s an
area of psychology concerned specifically with the “exercise and
brain” relationship. New research conducted at many schools and
athletic facilities has revealed these key concepts:

cartoon obese man on scales

  • Don’t
    be a dropout
    – be sure to accurately gauge the space and pace of exercise to match your environment and
    mindset. This is important to keep you exercising; you can use
    heart-rate monitors, stopwatches, pedometers and accurate scales as
    good exercise progress indicators.

  • Give yourself a healthy reward – rather than a gooey ice cream
    Sundae after a workout or run, treat yourself to a steam or sauna, a
    favorite video, a healthy fruit snack, or even a nap. You doubly
    reward yourself through the positive act of choosing wisely and

  • Be
    realistic with your weight-loss program
    – leading exercise
    researcher Dr. Panteleimon Ekkekakis of Iowa State University notes,
    “It is important that people stick an exercise level that feels
    comfortable, rather than trying to match cultural expectations of
    what exercise should look like or feel like to be effective.”

weight loss project doesn’t have to entail pain, sacrifice, and
suffering. Your valuable attributes of willingness, commitment, and
persistence coupled with balance, realism, and yes, excitement, will
give you the power to reach your goal!