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Unusual uses for petroleum jelly (Vaseline) shampoo, surgical spirits, toothbrushes, shaving cream.


Spray deodorant – can be used to
remove permanent marker writing.  Spray on very near to surface, dry
off with a paper towel while still liquid.

I assume this is for
a hard surface rather than fabric.

Thanks to
Anders Frihagen for this one.


Softener – massage petroleum
jelly into the cuticles of your fingertips every morning and night.

Body insulator – If you don’t want to
wear bulky clothes while exercising outdoors, cover your exposed skin with petroleum
jelly, it will keep you warm.

Squeak eliminator and lubricator
petroleum jelly on axles, skateboard, roller skate, pushchair wheels to get rid of squeaks
and improve rotation.

Rust preventor – protect metal parts
of tools, cooking utensils, sporting equipment, skis etc. by coating with petroleum jelly.

Lid saver – smear the inside of a
container lid with petroleum jelly to prevent lids sticking (especially useful for such
things as nail varnish.

Thread easer – smear thread of bolts,
screws, plumbing etc. with petroleum jelly to make them easier to remove at a future date.

Eyebrow tamer – to tidy up unruly
eyebrows smear on a light film of petroleum jelly.

Smooth runner – smear on window and
drawer tracks to prevent sticking.

Ring remover – before trying to remove
a tight ring smear petroleum jelly on your finger around the ring.


Shaving Cream – if
you run out of
shaving cream apply a small amount of shampoo to your skin and work up into a lather.

Detergent – if you need a gentle soap
for hand washables, use shampoo.


Pepper neutraliser – to take the sting out of your
hands after handling chilli peppers, rub in surgical spirit.

Windowsill cleaner – To brighten up rain spotted or
discoloured wooden windowsills, wipe with a soft cloth and little surgical spirit diluted
with water.

Bathroom cleaner – surgical spirit will remove hair
spray from mirrors and restore the shine on chrome taps.

Crystal/Porcelain cleaner – carefully clean delicate
crystal and porcelain objects with a cloth dampened with surgical spirit.


Lubricant – if you door hinge squeaks,
spray both side of the hinge joint with some foamy shaving cream, then wipe of the excess.

Upholstery cleaner – rub a fresh stain
on upholstered furniture with a small amount of shaving cream, wipe with a damp cloth,
then dry.  (best to test first).

De-mister – to prevent bathroom
mirrors misting up, spread a little shaving cream over it and then wipe the mirror clean
with a tissue.

This was also sent in by Jayson


Scrubbing brush – old toothbrushes are
ideal to unblock the vents on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning tile
grout, grimy combs, typewriter keys, around plug holes etc.

Crevice cleaner – can be used with
metal polish to clean intricate silverware, brassware etc. (use gently so as not to damage
the item), or with furniture polish to remove dust from carved wood.

Manicure use a soft toothbrush and
soapy water to clean finger and toe nails.

Motor cleanser – dip a toothbrush in
paraffin to get oil out of difficult nooks and crannies.