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Guidelines on how to choose the right spectacles for your particular face shape and colouring.


Choosing the right spectacles can be a daunting task, especially if
you are on your own at the time.  Hopefully, these guide lines will be of some help –

Firstly, determine the shape of your face – is it square, round, oval
or heart shape? Once you have decided which it is, then follow these simple rules:-


Angular frames slim cheek bones.  Cats eyes lenses with rounded
ends (not pointed) are the most flattering.


Wide glasses which focus attention on corner of the eye.


Frames with strong horizontal lines to make make face look shorter.

Heart shape

Oval frames which are wide across temples are the best to choose.



To minimise a large nose, choose glasses with a low bridge.

To maximise small noses, choose glasses with a high bridge.



Spectacle frames should compliment, not contrast, with your skin tones.

Dark Skin
– Black or dark frames, or gunmetal.

Grey/ Blonde Hair
– frameless are best, otherwise light unobtrusive frames.
  Definitely NOT blue. 

Coloured plastic is a definite “No, No” for everyone these days.
(2017 – i have a feeling this may have
changed since this was written).