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Some lesser known facts about smoking written by a stroke victim

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The following facts have been
compiled by a gentleman who has had the misfortune of suffering a stroke, 
He hopes it will, perhaps, give others food for thought regarding smoking:-

I smoked
30 cigarettes a day.
The cost
of each cigarette in 1999 was 16p.
The cost
of a day’s cigarettes was, therefore, £4.80.
The cost
of a week’s cigarettes was £33.60.
The last
year was a leap year (366 days);  366 x 30 cigarettes =

10,980 cigarettes I smoked in one year.

10,980 at
a cost of 16p. each = £1,756.80! The cost of one year’s cigarettes.
I had
been smoking for 35 years.
The first
10 years I smoked around 20 a day = approximately 73,000 cigarettes
The next
25 years I smoked 30 a day = approximately 273,750 cigarettes.
means I would have smoked around 346,750 cigarettes in my life.
It takes
around 7 minutes to smoke one cigarette. 
means I smoked for the equivalent of 3 1/2 hours each day.
Over 35
years I have spent approximately 1,685 days or 240 weeks or 4 years
and 7 months smoking! Plus the time looking for a light.
length of a cigarette is approximately 4″ x 346,750 = 1,387,000
end to end this would stretch for almost 22 miles.
If the
cigarettes were purchased in packs of 20, I would have bought a
total of 17,337 packs.
Laid flat
on top of each other the packets would reach over 1800 feet high.
Laid end
to end these packets would be almost 2 miles long.
When I
first started smoking a packet of 20 cost around 4 shillings or 20p.
My habit
then cost £1.40 per week or £73 per year.
Had I
chosen to invest the money rather than spend it on cigarettes at an
annual interest of 4% per year I could have saved £36,133.80 over
the 35 years.
years of being weak willed in trying to kick the habit I finally
gave up on the 27th January, 2000.
It was
really quite easy – for years I had read the health warnings but
thought I was invincible!!!!

Some more interesting
facts about smoking including the
current eye
watering financial cost.

stroke symptoms.


This gentleman also
sent in some humorous bedroom
proof that he has been able to maintain his sense of humour at this very difficult time
and he has very kindly given permission for us to reproduce some of
his material on Hints and Things.