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Tips for designing your bedroom for better sleep

Tips for Designing Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Your bedroom is one of the most
important rooms in your home, because it has such a large impact on your
daily life.  A bedroom that
creates a sensation of peace and harmony when you enter it will
contribute to a better night’s sleep, which will help you to face your
day feeling fresh and invigorated. 
Here are some tips for designing a bedroom that will help you to
get a great night’s sleep.

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Choose Calming Colors

Colors have a strong impact on
our mood.  Some soothe and
relax us, while others make us feel excited and awake. 

Designing your bedroom to take advantage of naturally calming
colors can make you feel like you are entering an oasis of peace in your
own home. 

Blues, greens,
pastels, and neutral tones like sand and beige are good choices.


Use Subtle, Diffused Lighting

Bright, harsh lights create
exactly the kind of environment that you want to avoid in your bedroom. 

For a more romantic atmosphere, choose diffused up-lighting to
brighten your room while reducing glare. 
You can even consider accent lights with colored bulbs, or
throwing a translucent scarf over a lamp shade to play with colors in
your bedroom. 

Use task
lighting such as a lamp on your nightstand for activities such as
reading, which require more light.

Surround Yourself with Sensual Fabrics

Above all, your bedroom should
be a source of comfort and luxury. 
When you sink down into your bed, your senses should be delighted
with how your sheets and blankets feel against your skin. 
To this end, surround yourself with fabrics that feel luxurious
and sensual. 

comforters, high thread count cotton sheets, or a satin duvet cover can
make a remarkable difference on your sleeping patterns.

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You might be amazed at what a
big difference these simple tips can make in your day to day life, once
you start sleeping better and waking feeling ready to take on anything
that might happen during your day.

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