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10 tips for a goods nights sleep

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10 Tips for a Good Night’s

If you’ve ever had a poor
night’s sleep, the next morning you probably feel groggy,
tired, cranky and confused. 

Here are ten tips you can
follow so you can consistently get a good night’s sleep. 

Cut out the caffeine. This sounds like an obvious thing to
do, but most people don’t know that some foods have some hidden
caffeine.  Make sure that
you aren’t eating too much chocolate or drinking too much iced tea or
soda before your bedtime.  If
you are still having a problem sleeping, you might want to cut these
items out of your diet altogether. 

Give yourself a bedtime. 
If you have kids, they have a bedtime based on how old they are,
but most adults don’t give themselves a bedtime. 
You are probably doing other things while you should be sleeping,
because you have a busy life.  Giving
yourself a strict bedtime and sticking to it is a good way to make sure
you get enough sleep.

Don’t drink! 
If you want to sleep through the night, don’t drink a lot of water right
before you go to bed.  This
will save you from going to and from the bathroom during the middle of
the night. 

Don’t drink!  Number
three just said don’t drink, but in addition to not drinking too much
water, you should also not drink a lot of alcohol. 
Some people think a nightcap will help put them to sleep, but it
may help to wake you up and excite you. 
If you want to get a good night’s sleep, make sure to avoid

Quiet Down! 
go jogging, vacuum the house or pick a fight with your spouse right
before you want to go to bed.  Make
sure that you have a peaceful bedtime routine that is neither stressful
nor exciting. 

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Turn off the TV.  You
shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom if you want to get a good
night’s sleep, although most people have one.  Make
sure that once your bedtime comes, you turn it off and go to sleep
without noise, distraction and excitement of something else. 

Cool it down.  Most
people sleep better in cooler weather, so make sure that you have your
bedroom set to the proper temperature. 
You shouldn’t be too cold or too hot.

8.  Dim the lights.  Make
sure that there aren’t any lights on in the room and that the room is
dark and comfortable.

9.  Turn off the phone.  Unless
it is an emergency, you should turn the ringer off on your phone. 
After your bedtime, you shouldn’t get up to chat with friends
or handle non-urgent business.

Close the curtains.  Make
sure that the curtains are closed so that you aren’t woken up before
you have to get up the next morning. 
Curtains can help keep out some of the light and noise from
making its way into the bedroom.

man lying in bed smiling If
you choose comfortable

bedding and comforter
and follow these tips, you will wake up the next morning on the right
side of the bed, and be chipper about the coming day.

The way in which you
design your bedroom can also affect sleep patterns so check out these
tips for designing your bedroom to encourage
better sleep