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Which cream or cleanser should you use?

Cream or Cleanser Should You Use?


style-conscious woman is always in search of ways to improve her look or
alter her appearance. Most of the techniques women should use to
guarantee smooth skin as they age are preventive. Getting 7-10 hours of
a night can give your skin the natural glow and moisture balance
it needs daily. Include plenty of water in your diet to help you get
rid of toxins in the body that detract from the skin’s
firmness and oxygen flow, so your skin tone looks even and

eye area is the most vulnerable part of your face, as it’s subject to
blinking, rubbing and squinting on a regular basis. It is very important
to pick the right eye cream for your particular needs. A good quality
eye cream must be lightweight and glide on easily. Avoid the product if
it cannot be “tapped on” easily. Eye creams can cost you a lot of
money, so as you visit cosmetic counters, be sure to get samples before
deciding on a specific brand.

lady with a face maskFacial
exfoliators and facemasks
can help mend damage and keep your skin
looking healthy.

From avocado facemasks to oatmeal scrubs, there are
many natural treatments available.

Exfoliators scrub away the surface
layer of skin, while facemasks nourish and treat the skin. Follow the
directions on the packet before using either of these products.

a facial mask:

  1. Select
    a mask suitable for your skin type.

  3. After
    a complete cleaning and exfoliation, apply a moisturizing
    mask. It is only necessary to wash the face superficially
    before using a cleansing and purifying mask.

  5. Use
    a very mild exfoliating cream before applying an anti-aging
    mask on dry skin. Taking care to avoid lip and eye areas,
    lightly apply a thin layer of the mask with your fingers.

  7. Take
    care to apply a very thin layer of the mask, so that the skin
    does not suffer from over-application.

  9. Take
    off mask with a tissue or moist cotton pad.
you’re struggling with a skin condition, for example, Rosacea, use
serious sun protection.

Limit sun contact, wear hats, and use
broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF15 or higher.

also is a good idea to keep away from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Self-treatment with over-the-counter medicines is not recommended;
it’s always best to check with a dermatologist to develop a treatment
routine specific to your individual situation.

child in sunhat and sunglases with bucket of sand

skin on your face is the most fragile on your body, owing to the
exposure to the elements and environmental pollutants that it receives.
In order to stay youthful, healthy and beautiful, your facial skin needs
special care:

  • Clean
    your face gently.
  • Use
    toner in moderation.
  • Make
    eye cream a part of your regimen.
  • Moisturize
  • Protect
    your face from unnecessary sun damage.

skin is very valuable-both for beauty and protection. It deserves as
much “health attention” as our other organs!