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Perfumes for Every Occasion

by Paige Rylann of http://www.greatfragrances4u.com/ 

Life is filled with occasions that add variety and change to our worlds. We are always running, working, chasing our children, cleaning the house, and any one of a hundred different things. It can be easy to begin to feel like we are nothing more than a machine, always moving from one task to the next. One way to mark the occasions in our life as special moments is to build up a perfume wardrobe, with different fragrances for every occasion.

Perfumes are categorized into families. Each family has similar characteristics, although every perfume will have undertones of other families as well. The traditional families of perfume were created around 1900. They included the following categories: 

  • Single floral – Dominated by a scent from a particular flower, like Truly Pink by Vera Wang which is based on the rose.


  • Floral bouquet – Combinations of several flowers such as Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder or First by Van Cleef & Arpels.


  • Ambery – Sweet, slightly animalic scents of ambergris or labdanum. These are often combined with vanilla, flowers and wood fragrances. Try 273 Red Perfume by Fred Hayman for it's distinctive blend of gardenia, exotic fruits, amber and sandalwood.

  • Woody – Dominated by woody scents such as agarwood, sandalwood and cedar, commonly mixed with patchouli. One popular perfume with woody tones is Feminine by Dolce and Gabanna.


  • Chypre – Francois Coty developed the perfume that is the heart of this family and these scents consist of bergamot, oak moss, patchouli and labdanum. No. 19 by Chanel or Bijan Wicked by Bijan.

woody glade
  • Leather – These fragrances feature the masculine scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars and allude to leather. For that fabulous leather scent try Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for women or for men, Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill.

lavender spear
  • Froug`ere – The base of this perfume family is lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. 

Many men's fragrances are in this family with sharp herb and woody scents.

Try The Baron by Ltl Frgrances or Bijon Black by Bijan.

Around the mid-20th century, modern fragrance categories were added and these families include:

  • Bright floral – This category combines the single floral and the floral bouquet families. Ralph Lauren's Ralph Cool is a bright floral for women or OP Juice by Ocean Pacific for men.


  • Green – The Chypre family, is a lighter, more modern mix.  A great green scent is Hummer by Rivera for men or Pleasure Exotic by Estee Lauder for women.


  • Oceanic/ozone – This is perfumes newest category, which was developed in 1991, when Christian Dior created Dune. The clean modern androgynous perfumes are in this group including Tommy Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger available for men and women.

  • Citrus or fruity – These are primarily citrus fragrances and are fresh and crisp such as Oscar Citrus by Oscar de la Renta for women or Aramis Always by Aramis for men.

sliced lemon
  • Gourmand – This family are the "edible" fragrances like vanilla and tonka bean, as well as synthetic fragrances resembling food flavors. Fleur Du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is a gourmand for men and Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani is a women's gourmand scent.


By understanding the families of fragrances, you can use the elements of each group to help you choose perfumes for special occasions. When you connect the elements of a perfume to the emotional aspects of a special occasion, perfumes take on a new meaning and significance. People will feel your presence at a festive gathering in a way that transcends wardrobe and décor.

Birthdays – The first occasion to consider a special perfume for is your birthday. Let this fragrance be one that truly embodies who you are. Choose a special perfume- one that is rich and full, no matter what family it comes from. Find a perfume that has a variety of scents, each one subtly giving way to the next, with a constant undertone that speaks your name. You can choose a new birthday perfume every year, making it a special ritual you can share with your girlfriends, your sisters, your daughters or your mother. 

Wedding – Wedding Day perfume is deeply personal and it will always remind you of that special day. Florals have a sense of romance to them and by wearing a light floral, you can add the perfect hint of freshness and innocence to this day of new beginnings.

New Year's Eve – This is the time to get bold and flirty with your perfume. Choose a spicy Oriental perfume. With their rich, deep tones, they are always sensual and mysterious- the perfect tone for the biggest party of the year.

Christmas – The Christmas season is the perfect occasion for a new perfume. Choose a single fragrance to wear to all of your holiday parties and gatherings. In keeping with the theme of the holiday, choose a scent from the woody family. These earthy outdoor scents are fresh and crisp and are just the right complement to the décor of Christmas.

Mother's Day – Once your family catches on to your perfume extravaganza, Mother's Day is sure to bring a new perfume. Ask your kids or your sweetie, if your kids aren't old enough, for a new perfume that comes from the ocean family. These light fragrances bring to mind the sea and the sky and springtime is the perfect season for this kind of perfume.

Graduation – This celebratory day is the perfect time for a fruity perfume. These perfumes are easy and fun, with an air of lightness and sweetness that are perfect for the high hopes and great expectations of a graduation.

Whatever the occasions are in your life, you can make them extra special by choosing perfumes that suit your special day-whatever it is. Above all, always choose a perfume that you love. When you wear a great perfume that you love, you feel beautiful and when you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. 


Paige Rylann is a successful writer and entrepreneur for http://www.greatfragrances4u.com/ , with a long term interest in fragrance, style and fashion. Paige provides tips and advice on women's perfume and men's cologne and how to get the most out of the fragrance you wear. 






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