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How to get the best use out of your make up.


How to Get the Most Out
of Makeup

We’d all love to have a wardrobe full of
makeup products that would make any Hollywood star jealous.
Unfortunately, there’s a little thing called money – or lack thereof –
that prevents us from getting every single makeup item that we want.
Fortunately, you can get double or even triple usage out of some makeup
products, which will save both time and money when you’re getting ready
in the morning. With that in mind, let’s take a look at multiple uses
for different products.


Any 13-year-old make up beginner
can tell you that blush is used to enhance the cheeks. But did
you know that blush can also be used to enhance other areas of
the face too?

Blush is an
excellent substitute for eye shadow if you’re going for a
friendly, casual look; just apply the blush to your eyelid
creases, and it works like magic!

Another area of the face where
you can use blush is the forehead since this gives your face
more overall color (colour).

If you don’t mind getting a
little more risqué with your blush, you can apply some of it to
the cleavage area to enhance your breasts.

lady applying blusher

Eye Shadow

While blush works well as eye shadow, the same can be said for
substituting eye shadow as blush. When you’re short on blush, grab a
neutral color (colour) to ensure that the eye shadow actually looks like blush. A
good rule of thumb is to use eye shadow that is close to the color
(colour) of
the inside of your lips. Once you’ve got the perfect eye shadow picked
out, you can use a small brush so the bristles don’t pick up any other
eye shadow color (colour) from the tray.

Besides using eye shadow as
blush, you can also use it to highlight your facial features by applying
blush under your eyebrows and even on your nose.


Bronzer is sort of a wonder product when it comes to different uses.
First off, you can use bronzer to create the illusion of thin legs; all
you have to do is apply a little bronzer on your calves and thighs, and
you’ve got skinnier-looking legs.

Brunettes can really
appreciate bronzer as a hair product because dusting a little over the
head creates a beautiful shiny effect.

One more thing you can do
with bronzer is mix it with matte nail polish to create sparkling finger
nails. Just don’t go overboard when mixing in the bronzer!


Much like bronzer, mascara
can be used as a hair product, among other things.

eye showing eye make upIf you don’t feel like spending
money on hair dye every time you want a different look, grab
your blue, red, or black mascara and create a few streaks. Once
you’re done, allow the mascara to dry and you’ll have instant

Perhaps your hair is fine, and
you’d like a beauty mark instead; take the tip of your mascara
wand and put a little above the lips to become your own little
version of Marilyn Monroe.

Yet another use of mascara is
hiding those ugly nicks and scuffs on your favorite (favourite) shoes. Just
put some mascara on a paper towel, and apply it to the shoe
areas that need touched-up.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of the lesser-known double duty makeup products, which
is sad because you can do a lot with this product.

One of the extra things you
can do with lip gloss is apply it to your cheeks to create a fresh glow.
You can also duplicate this glowing effect on your eyelids by putting
lip gloss there too and if you’re fresh out of lip gloss, yet want to
make your lips shine, grab some petroleum jelly and put it on your lips.

Eye Liner

If the thought of using petroleum jelly as lip gloss sounds a little
ridiculous, eye liner is another option. Just be sure to use a lighter
color (colour) when applying the liner to your lips.

Aside from a lip gloss
substitute, you can also use eye liner to fill in your eyebrows if
they’re looking overly-thin.

The key thing to remember with eye liner or any other makeup product in
your cabinet is that most products have double uses. So there’s no need
to sacrifice rent money to put on a pretty face because you can just get
creative with your makeup instead.

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