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Hints and Tips to make life easier for the elderly, infirm of less able

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I recently requested hints and tips to help the
elderly, infirm and/or less able and I received some very useful
suggestions from a lady working in a nursing home.

elderly lady with walking stick1:   
My husband has a hard time reading Rx labels and figuring out what
his medicine is for. So I take a sharpie (marker) and write in big
print (without obstructing the prescription number) heart, sugar,
thyroid, pain, etc on his bottles.

I also put on the LID numbers from

1 means am, 2 means
lunchtime, 3 dinner and 4 means pm.

So if the lid has the numbers 1 and 3
on it…he knows to take that pill in the am and at dinner. When
he gets a new Rx, I just switch lids.


. People who have arthritis can benefit from a cup
with a big handle
that 4 fingers can fit in to steady the cup.

3. A pair of kitchen scissors is very
practical. They can be used to open snacks and bags of frozen veggies as
well as for cutting things like celery or meat into cubes.

4. A nutcracker is very handy to open soda

5. Hand lotion put on a persons arms or
legs when they get out of the shower will keep them warm in the winter.

The following was sent to me by Joe
, himself a disabled gentleman, in the hope that it would
help others.

6:  An inexpensive wireless door bell
can be used to keep in contact with other members of the

Two months ago
I suffered a stroke and luckily got to the hospital before it did
all that much damage. In my wallet I had a list of all medicines I
take, the dosage and when I take them. I also had a business card in
my wallet from each doctor I see and on the back the meds each
doctor prescribed. Within minutes of arriving at the hospital, the
treating doctors were notified and the delay was cut very

elderly lady with walking frame

8: I
find that using a rubber glove when trying to undo screw tops makes it a
lot easier if you are bothered with arthritis.


More useful
to make life a little easier for  the disabled, elderly
and infirm.


If you know of any other useful
hints and tips which can make life easier for people please send
in so they can be added to this page.