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Hard and Soft Contact lenses 

What is the difference?


When considering contact lenses it is difficult to know where to start, and as technology is constantly advancing and adapting, many of us are unaware of all the options available. Your optician is the best person with whom to discuss and assess your options, but a little background information is always valuable, and enables you to consider your own specific needs and requirements and have a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Loosely speaking, contact lenses fall into two categories – hard and soft. 

Hard contact lenses have existed for decades, gradually developing and improving in comfort and ease of use. The earliest experimental glass lenses were replaced slowly by plastic, and progressed to those now used known as Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses. Made from silicone polymers, they ensure the eye constant access to oxygen. Their rigidity makes them durable, resistant to deposit build-up, and since with correct care they are longer lasting than soft lenses, they provide better value for money. 

They also provide clearer, sharper vision than glasses, making them ideal for sports, or jobs requiring very clear and precise vision. 1Their primary drawback is comfort, as they take longer to become accustomed to than soft lenses. Longer initial wearing time is recommended for the eye to adjust. person putting in contact lens

Soft lenses come in many forms, most of which are to some extent ”disposable”, i.e. designed to be used on a schedule of frequent replacement. They are made of soft flexible plastics with an integral water content that ensures the surface of the eye a constant supply of oxygen. The most convenient variety, and a great option for first time lens users, is daily disposable lenses, which are simply worn for one day and discarded, without the need for cleaning or soaking2

man inserting contact lens Monthly disposable lenses are very common and many varieties are available accommodating all needs and preferences. They are inserted in the morning, removed and disinfected at night, and left to soak overnight in a prescribed solution. This process may sound like hard work, but is simple and straightforward once it becomes part of your daily routine.

Extended wear lenses, a fairly recent development, may be worn continuously for up to thirty days before being discarded. The progression of technology has addressed concerns about infection from wearing lenses overnight, making them a viable and convenient option for those who dislike glasses and regularly lens cleaning. They are available in soft varieties and RGP forms.

Choosing the right contact lenses is a process of some trial and error, and it will take a little time. You may try several varieties before you are entirely comfortable, but don't be afraid to keep asking your optician questions – that's what they're there for! contact lens balanced on index finger

Contact lenses and children


Anything on this site is not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or as a substitute to, qualified advice you should always consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified person or service. 


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