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How to prevent and treat split ends using home remedies and diet.

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How to Prevent
and Treat Split Ends


There isn’t a single girl in
the world who hasn’t dealt with split ends, so don’t feel bad if your
hair is suffering from “split mites.” The main way to rid your hair of
split ends is to cut them off, or hide them with a good conditioner and
serum; however, once you wash your hair, the damage will be visible
again. So it’s worth diving deeper into the subject of preventing split
ends beginning with the causes.

Causes of Split Ends

There are certainly ways
to avoid getting split ends, but first you have to know what
causes the hair to fray. It all happens because the protecting
hair cuticles get washed away, thus leaving hair fibers weak
because the oils from your scalp aren’t able to reach the
hair tips. When this happens, your hair begins to slowly
fray similar to a string.

Not getting sufficient oil to the tips isn’t the only cause of
split ends. Having a dry scalp, using chemical treatments,
coloring your hair, eating poorly, using brushes too frequently,
and using hair heating tools like blow-dryers and flat irons are
all causes of split ends.

lady having a bad hair day

Home Remedies

Instead of spending a bunch of money on products that have more
chemicals in them, opt for some household items to help maintain healthy
hair and prevent split ends.

  • If you have
    castor oil, mustard oil, and olive oil, grab a bowl and put one
    spoonful of each into the bowl. If you only have one or two types of
    oil, it’s fine because you can just use what you have. This in turn
    saves you money!

  • Mix the oil(s)
    together and apply the mixture to your scalp and hair from root to

  • Use a shower cap
    or plastic bag on your hair so that you don’t get oil on your face;
    once you have the cap on, run hot water over a towel big enough to
    lay on your head. When you’ve done this, wring out the towel, and
    then lay it on your hair for 20-30 minutes.

  • When the oil
    treatment is done, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. This
    split end-prevent home treatment can be done once a month, or even
    every other week.

If you have eggs and
almond oil handy, here’s a great tip to add volume and shine, while also
treating your hair for split ends!

  • Mix a small
    spoonful of almond oil in with one or two eggs, and apply the
    mixture to your hair and scalp.

  • Leave the goop on
    your hair for about 10 or 12 minutes, and then rinse with cool
    water; after you’ve rinsed thoroughly, shampoo and condition like

  • You can use a
    shower cap or plastic bag to contain your hair, and this treatment
    can be done once every few weeks.

Avocado is also great for
preventing split ends if you apply it to damp hair.

Just mash an avocado up as
well as you can, and smooth it over your damp hair from root to

Put your trusty shower cap
or plastic bag on, and wait 15-20 minutes before rinsing and

If you’re feeling frisky,
you can warm up some olive oil and add it to your avocado. This
is great for a once a week treatment.

Instead of using that
tasty mayo on your sandwich, smooth it over your hair. It’s a good
replacement for the avocado and olive oil treatment, and you won’t feel
guilty for using it on your head instead of putting it on your sandwich!

Healthy Hair Diet

Having a “healthy hair diet” that can prevent split ends might be
different from having a heart healthy diet depending on your personal
preference. If you’re not concerned with your cholesterol, eat red meat
twice a week for great doses of protein, iron, B vitamins and zinc,
which are all great for growing healthy hair.

If you’re just not into
eating meat, or can’t because of health issues, you should go
for egg whites, which are great sources of protein. Eating
low-fat cottage cheese is another great way to obtain protein
because your hair loves this nutrient, and cottage cheese goes
great with almost every meal!

Assuming you’re trying to get slim, bacon is probably the last
thing you should eat. However, bacon does has some benefits for
your hair because it’s got a fair share of B vitamins, zinc, and
protein packed in every tiny strip.

But no matter
whether you choose to snack on bacon or egg whites, just make sure that
you consider your hair when choosing foods. And don’t forget the
aforementioned home remedies for split ends either!


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