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Top 10 Hair Care Secrets For Women

Follow these basic ten steps for stunning hair:-

1)      Get regular trims. Get rid of split-ends with a trim at least 1/2 inch every four to eight weeks.

2)      Water. If your hair looks dull or is hard to style then hard water (from your tap) could be the problem if you are in a hard water area.  This can be solved with a simple water descaler.

man with giant pair of scissors

3)      Shampoos. If you have flakes then look out for shampoos with zinc, selenium sulphide, salicylic acid or tar to eliminate flakes.  Also occasionally change your shampoo and use a Clarifying shampoo to remove any product “build up”.

lady's head showing hairstyle

4)      Don't wash your hair too often. Everyday washing can cause natural oils to be lost, so remember to leave the shampoo unopened every so often.

5)      Styling products.  Also include breaks from styling products as serums etc can contain silicon, which build up on the hair and will need regular cleansing.

6)      Massage Your Scalp. This will cause blood to flow in your scalp and will encourage growth. A simple scalp massage increases blood circulation so that your follicles receive more of the nutrients they need for optimal hair growth.

7)      Drying. If possible, allow hair to dry naturally - as hair is weaker when it is wet and is more likely to break when brushed.  

        When using heat, always use a thermal protection spray.

        Don’t blow dry when hair is dripping wet, as this will damage your hair.

        Only use a wide-tooth plastic comb on hair while it is wet.

person sitting on huge comb

8)      Brushing. Firstly, smooth out knots with a leave-in detangler, then brush the hair. Unnecessary friction can lead to breakage, so don’t over-do it.  Quality boar brushes are easier on hair than cheapie plastic brushes and they redistribute oils throughout hair, boosting shine.

lady's head with glamorous hair style

9)      Ponytails. Try to move your ponytail position up and down the back of your head to avoid damage to the same hairs.  Using seamless elastic bands will further minimize damage.

10)   Diet. This top tip is often ignored, but the importance of essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins are needed for beautiful hair! Top super-foods for hair care include salmon, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, legumes, kidney beans, lentils, Brazil nuts, walnuts, chicken, turkey, eggs, oysters, whole grains, and carrots.

If you follow these top tips then you will soon be turning heads and being asked for shiny hair advice very shortly!

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