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Fantasy Bathroom Design – how to design a fantasy bathroom using steam cabins, whirlpools etc.

Fantasy Bathroom Design

Daring to be anything more than
conventional, the fantasy bathroom design lets you be truly innovative
with your fantasies and tastes. With the emphasis on futuristic, this
style of bathroom is the antithesis of the traditionalist.  

designer bathroom

The fantasy design is ideally exclusive
to only larger bathrooms, as with all futuristic interior design large
open spaces are what brings the room together. 

Steam cabins and whirlpool baths are
the ideal choice for showering and bathing. Or combine the two will a
well designed bath screen and a glass shower panel. Because of
their minimal effect, Walk-in showers also work well with
modern tiling, chrome shower fixtures and classy shower

For the sanitary ware go with wall-hung
or standard close-coupled toilet and basin with pedestal with acute
angles and a contemporary design. 

Abstract towel rails
and Wenge wall-hung furniture fit well in the fantasy
bathroom, giving it that calm almost surreal look.  

The ultimate luxury in a fantasy
bathroom would have to be a waterproof TV. You could even think of
doubling the bathroom up as gym, complete with exercise bike and rowing

Ornaments should be unobtrusive, so
choose things like small piles of pebbles and modern wall
prints over candles and nick-nacks.  

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