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Pale skin is supposed to be coming back in, but for those of us who don’t find pale so 'interesting' there is only one solution. Sunshine never seems to visit this fair country of ours, and even if it did, we're not keen on the idea of sporting the 'raisin' look in our thirties. The solution is fake tan. 

Fake tan has come a long way, gone are the days of smelling of old meat products, orange elbows and knees and looking like you've been tango-ed. Fake tans are sophisticated, smell nice, and can do more than just change your colour. So the only thing that can go wrong now is human error. So here are some tips on how to get the most natural looking tan. 

1. Don’t moisturize just before tanning, you are more likely to streak. But do make sure you have moisturised recently (that day) as dry skin picks up the tanning agent and soaks it up and cause patchiness. 

2. Use a tanning mitt. I never used to use one as I thought that they were clumsy and hard to use. But I recently bought one and its totally changed my perspective on them, you get a much more even coverage and you don’t get the orange tell tale staining on your hands. Just be sure that once you have finished tanning you need to brush down your arm with the mitt to over your hands lightly so you don’t have a tan line on your wrist going from brown to white.

3. When you have finished tanning, use a dry flannel to gently rub the following areas: elbows, knees, jaw line, wrists and ankles. These are the areas that pick up the tan more as they are dry/rough and can go orange if you are not careful. 

4. Once you have finished evenly rubbing the tan in, go over your entire body again with the dry mitt just to be sure you will not streak. 

dog laying on sun lounger

Above all, test out plenty of fake tans to find the one that works for you.

There are foam tans: I find these hard to use because they dry quicker so you need to be quick with your application, but that’s the upside of them as you can get dressed almost instantly. 

There are tinted ones: these are great because you can see if you've gone wrong before it dries, but are bad as they get on your clothes. 

You've got sprays, these are easy to use but still need rubbing in as streaking will occur if you rely on their mechanism entirely. 

So forget being interesting, be tanned and sexy instead. 

Sunbathe or burning?






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