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Exercising with equipment found around the house

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Forget expensive equipment or visits to the gym – here are some handy

If you have any health problems please check
with your doctor/physician before undertaking any exercise.

  • Use the three minutes whilst cleaning your teeth for thigh squats to
    help tone upper legs and bottom.  Stand with feet hip-width apart, bend your knees
    and slowly lower your body down as if you were going to sit down, keeping back straight
    and knees directly above the feet.  Slowly return to standing position.  You can
    do approximately 15 of these whilst cleaning your teeth – do this night and morning and
    you are well on the way to keeping things toned.

I have to thank Anna Phillips for
this most original suggestion.  I must admit, at my age, I am not sure I could manage
to do two things at once!

  • Firstly, for normal exercises, a bath or beach towel on top of a folded
    blanket or rug will substitute as an exercise mat.
man doing sit ups

  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight, loop a towel around the ball
    of one foot and pull resisting with your foot.  Repeat on other leg.  This
    stretches the calves.

  • Using the same towel, stand up and hold the towel above your head, pull
    on the ends bending sidewards, first one side then the other (imagine you are at your
    local football match).  Make sure you stay upright when you bend – don’t lean
    backwards or forwards.

  • To strengthen your thighs, when lying in a bath, try to raise your legs
    out of the water and keep there for a few moments – ONE AT A TIME OF COURSE OTHERWISE YOU

  • Squeeze a ball, or similar object (tightly rolled up pair of socks) in
    each hand. A bit like a stress ball. This will strengthen your grip.

  • Keeping your leg straight, place your heel on something suitable at hip
    height, then bend forward getting your face as close to your knee as possible and, at the
    same time, your hands as close to your ankle.  Hold for 5 seconds the repeat with the
    other leg.

 cartoon baby in nappy, holding two bottles of milk

  • Tins of food or hand sized bottles or cans of soft drink make excellent
    hand weights for arm exercises.  Hold them in your hands by your side,then slowly
    raise your arms to shoulder height.  Repeat.
  • Using sleeves cut from an old blouse, shirt, jumper etc. or
    socks/tights, make some ankle weights by filling with rice, lentils,
    beans, (dried of
    course), sand or even clean cat litter – anything which is dry, clean and fairly heavy.
    Fill them to a weight of about 2 lb./900g and tie each end (to keep the filling in),
    leaving enough material each end to tie around your ankle. 

  • Lie on your back, making sure your lower back is flat on the ground, bend one knee and
    keep the  other straight.   Lift the straight leg as high as you can then gently
    lower back to the ground. Repeat using the other leg.