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Remedies using essential oils – how to use essential oils as air fresheners, hangover cure, hair strengthener and to relieve insect bites


Many of us will have heard how
effective essential oils can be.  One of the most popular is,
perhaps, the use of lavender oil to help relaxation and sleep.

Air fresheners made by mixing water and
various essential oils can be used to expel specific problems such as
cigarette smoke or cooking smells.


To make air fresheners
using essential oils:-

Half fill a
clean, plastic spray bottle with water and then add 8-10 drops of
your favourite refreshing essential oil and shake well.

To use, shake bottle well and then spray a
couple of squirts into the centre of the room – keep away from
furniture and furnishings to avoid damaging fabric and polished

Should be stored in a cool, dark place between

To help dispel cigarette
mix 3 drops each of tea tree and rosemary essential oil
together with 5 drops of eucalyptus in half a bottle of water (as
3 drops each of lavender and peppermint plus 4
drops of clary sage in half a bottle of water can be used to
remove cooking smells.

Add a couple of drops of eucalyptus
oil and a couple of drops of lavender oil to a lukewarm bath to relieve

Two or three drops
of rosemary oil massaged into the scalp will help with
itching or flaking and will also strengthen hair.
Burn citronella
oil to repel insects and also when
someone is recovering from illness as it
has antiseptic and well as soothing qualities.

All sent
in by Saragh Shoemake.

If you put a few drops of Juniper essential oil on
your pillow it will help prevent a hangover
as it is an excellent detoxifier.

Sent in by Donna Hughes

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