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Money saving Make-up and Beauty tips including lipstick, nail varnish, eye makeup and chemical free make up

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To hide spots
on your face, get a white (or appropriately coloured) eyeliner pencil and cover the spot
so it is completely covered, then apply foundation all over your face.

Thanks to Lucia Davis
for this one.


The cost of lipstick is sometimes outrageous.  Make sure
you use every scrap.  When the “tube” has been used down to the bottom,
carefully remove what is left of the “wax”, mix it with just a little petroleum
jelly into a resealable container.  Now you have lip gloss!

Once again thanks to
“Siren” for this tip.

lipstick can dry lips.
Lighter colours make lips look bigger.
Dark colours
make lips look smaller.
Pearlised lipsticks enhance imperfections, therefore, best avoided by the
older generation.
Lick a
liquorice comfit and use the end as a lipstick.  The dye actually stays on for hours,
is presumably non toxic and comes in a variety of interesting colours (green, purple, red)
– possibly not a tip for those important board meetings though!

Thank you Bekki May

Make your lipstick stay on longer by first brushing some talcum powder on
your lips, then apply first coat of lipstick (preferably with a brush), blot, then gently
brush on more talcum powder, followed by another layer of lipstick.
If your
foundation is too dark mix it with a little of your usual moisturiser on the back of your
hand and it will lighten.
applying a face mask cover your face with a piece of damp, fine gauze, making sure it
completely smooth and touching everywhere on your face.  Apply product.  When
mask is ready (usually about 10/15 minutes) peel of gauze, leaving skin clean.



remove nail varnish, add another thick coat of nail varnish !!!, (one nail at a time as you want it to stay wet) and wipe over with cotton
wool until nail is clean. I swear by this and it came in handy for me on holiday when I wanted to travel light.

Naomi Young

If your nail varnish congeals try adding a few drops of nail varnish remover
to thin it down.

you can’t get the top of your nail varnish bottle? Hold it under a hot
tap for 30-45 seconds, the heat will expand the top slightly making it
easier to get off.


nail varnish that’s all gloopy? Stand it in a bowl of hot water for 5
minutes before you do your nails, the heat thins the varnish making it
easier to apply.


A drop of oil
on the end of a dry mascara brush will make it last a bit longer.
Pop your eyeliner into the freezer before sharpening, this gives a sharper
When applying
mascara, lay your mirror flat on a table, this give the right angle for application.
When plucking eyebrows at home, place a hot flannel
(face cloth) on your eyebrow, pull
skin taught and pluck.  The heat makes it easier and less painful.
eye cream in the fridge and it will be really cooling when applied and
it will help to reduce puffiness and make you feel instantly energised.
mascara brushes thoroughly with a tissue once and week and it will
help application.

Both the
above have been sent in by Jennifer Butler.

mascara smudges, use some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and it comes off
straight away and gives you a healthy look!


eyeliner or Lipstick Pencils before sharpening them, this reduces too
much waste.


you’re concerned about what you’re putting on your skin, you need to
start by reading the labels on products you’re thinking of buying.
You’d be surprised at the moisturizers whose main ingredients include
alcohol (a drying agent) and things like fruit acids whose main
function is to remove minute layers of skin from your face. Additives
like camphor, which smells nice but can be an irritant, may be found
in skin cleansers, and even cosmetics that claim to be
“unscented” are not actually free of added perfumes. In
fact, most of them have fragrance added specifically to mask the smell
of the other ingredients!

beauty tips can keep your skin healthy by keeping you away from
harmful products. One good rule of thumb for buying cosmetics is to
buy only cosmetics with ingredients you recognize. Many women are
allergic to the artificial colors, scents and flavors in everything
from moisturizer to lipstick, and sometimes skin problems will just
disappear once the offending chemical is removed from your makeup kit.
Many companies specialize in making cosmetics out of natural
ingredients like almond oil, beeswax, natural colors and essential
oils. In general the simpler and shorter the ingredient list, the less
likely it will be to contain inorganic chemicals. If you’re looking
for makeup without artificial colors, scents, added chemicals and
who-knows-what, buy mineral make-up.

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