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Beauty Tips

A new page to house the tips recently received from some of
our visitors!

Please note, these tips are given in good
faith but have not been tested or researched by Hints and Things.



Some people recommend the use of lemon
to lighten/whiten skin, however, I have received the following warning
from Angela Fealy

A word of
warning about using lemons/lemon skin to whiten skin: I developed
psoriasis on my elbows after trying out the old wives’ remedy for
whitening elbows, and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. Not only
my elbows suffered though, it started to appear in smaller spots every
now and again – so be really careful.



in front of you and walk through it so that it is evenly
distributed over your body.

Lauren Archer.


face will look more “balanced” if the tones of your blusher
match those of your lipstick
.  If you are wearing an ordinary
medium weight or better still, a sheer lipstick, apply your lipstick
before your blusher and use your fingertips to dap a little of the
colour from your lips onto the apple of your cheek.  Blend
!  If the colour is too strong, dust a layer of powder
over your cheeks.  Remember to touch up your lipstick again
afterwards.  This does not work with strong colours or lip



If you are a smoker or use
nail varnish regularly and get stained fingernails simply rub your
fingernails in the flesh of a lemon, its sticky but the lemon juice
will make fingernails clean and bright.

Naomi Marshall


Lots of natural
currently on sale feature sea salt, great for some but not
for those with broken/sensitive skin or eczema, so I make my own , I
take a handful of brown sugar (pick any granule size to suit) in to
the shower with me and massage into wet skin, you could also mix it
with baby oil. The sugar wont sting like sea salt it doesn’t feel
sticky and your skin will feel amazingly smooth and not irritated.

Naomi Marshall


Put a
thin coat of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) onto your lips, blot with a
tissue then apply your usual lipstick over the top;  blot with
tissue again.  You will be left with a sheer, natural version of
your favourite lip colour and moisturised lips.



If you are going somewhere special and want to shrink the
bags under your
use haemorrhoid cream, it really works
Maureen Saunders)

As I would imagine
this cream has drying properties I am not sure how good it is for the delicate skin around
the eyes – I would not recommend this be used on a regular basis!



If you have straight eyelashes that need a bit of a curve, heat your

eyelash curlers
with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using to curl your lashes.


be careful not to heat the curlers too much as this could be painful

 Georgine Wyatt.


After applying nail varnish rinse
in cold water to harden and dry the nail varnish.

 Annah Jo West


Weight Loss – Combine 1 tablespoon
apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon honey in an 8 ounce glass of unsweetened grapefruit
juice.  Drink 1 glass before each meal as an appetite suppressant.

Angela Kern.

Emma Taverner has
kindly pointed out that the calorific content of the above is approximately 150
calories.  If this is taken three times a day, seven days a week this would
add 3150 calories to your basic intake each week.  She suggests a better
option may be a large glass of iced water with a squeeze of lemon juice. 
Drink one large glass fifteen minutes before every meal and you will feel
“full” much faster.



Leave your beauty products in the fridge, that way they
will work better.



Wash you face before you exercise, otherwise the
will get clogged.



Rub pieces of fresh lemon on your teeth to remove the
stains (not sure what effect this has on the enamel though!)

WARNING – I have just been
contacted by Helen Patterson who advises that a few doses of neat
lemon juice and you will be through the enamel to dentine (the
sensitive bit) and this also makes the teeth more porous so they will
stain more easily.



Freeze lip liner in the fridge
for 15 minutes before you sharpen it.



If you are in a hurry and your lipstick is not quite the
colour you wanted it to be, dab on a little concealer and run your lips together and it
will be different (may still not be the colour you wanted but at least it will be



If you suffer from blackheads, boil a pot of water and
sit in front of it for ten minutes, then put toothpaste*
on them and sit for another ten
minutes.  Wash off.



Dab a little toothpaste*
on skin blemishes
and most will
be gone by the next day.

Charlotte Emily
told us never use toothpaste on spots as it simply dries out the outer layer of skin,
making the problem even more obvious.

– I have received another warning about the use of toothpaste on skin

Anabell contacted me as
follows – 

reading your website I noticed the toothpaste remedy for
blemishes.  My experience was not as pleasant as the one
posted.  I severely burned my face on the areas which I applied
the paste.  It looked as if someone had put out a cigarette on
these spots.  I needed to seek medical attention and was put on
antibiotics both oral and topical.  Just wanted to comment – not
a great experience perhaps that can be prevented for anyone

am no chemist/scientist but am wondering if this reaction is caused by
the fact that some modern toothpastes contain a bleaching agent to
keep teeth white. – June 



After you wash you face, rub an ice cube over it to

close pores
, then apply moisturiser.



If you run out of shaving cream, you can also use
conditioner to do the job.



For a really close shave, try Vaseline (not great for
the razor, but it’s worth it every once in a while.



For puffy eyes, put 2 tablespoons in the freezer to
chill and then place over the eyes for a pick me up.



For dry and/or calloused feet, apply Vaseline and then
put socks on overnight while sleeping.



Run out of hair gel – as a last resort you can use



Use aloe vera to fade age spots.



Body Scrub – Take 3 tablespoons of sea salt, 1/2 cup of
almond oil and  mix with water to make a paste.  Do not shave legs before or
after using.


All these
tips have been sent to us by Tia Williams 


When applying liquid makeup, wet face all over
first.  Then apply makeup.  It will go on streak free and you have much more
control over the colour that way.  This way you don’t have patches of makeup in
placed you don’t want it.




Unruly eyebrows, rather than plucking, comb them with
Vaseline and an eyebrow comb.  This makes them thinner, neater and darker.

Bekki May

If an
eyeliner pencil dries up and becomes hard to
apply, dip the tip in either olive oil or moisturiser, application is then much easier.

 Rebecca Giacosie.


If you run out of
hair conditioner use a fabric
conditioner such as Lenor or Comfort.

I must be
honest I am a little nervous with this one as I am not sure if there are any ingredients
in a fabric conditioner that would be harmful to your scalp.  Apparently Julie has
come to no harm but the risk is yours.

(it works really well according to
that is)

This is
actually an old hairdressers secret and will not harm your hair,
although obviously this is not intended for everyday use. Many
hairdressers actually recommend this if you have extensions as it is
kinder and softer to hair then the average conditioner.



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