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If you have already joined our mailing list but are not receiving the monthly newsletter this may be due to the fact that the "opt-in" confirmation has not been received from you or that the email address given at the time of registration is no longer correct.

Once a name is received via the form below a confirmation message is sent to the email address given.  The message contains a link which has to be clicked to confirm your subscription request.  This is to prevent me adding names without consent.  This "opt-in" message is only sent once.

A newsletter is sent out regularly at the end of each month, however, if it bounces for any reason e.g. mailbox full etc., we do not try again.

It has come to our notice that "Hotmail" users sometimes experience problems receiving these messages.  If this is the case here are some steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Try adding generalmail@bravenet.com to be accepted by the spam filters.

If you still have trouble, please login to Hotmail and do the following:-

1. Go to the Options page.

2. On the left side of the page, click Mail

3. Click Junk E-Mail Protection

4. Click on "Safe List"

5. Enter "bravenet.com" and click on ADD

Once this is done any messages from Bravenet will go to the inbox.


If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions please contact me direct at june@hintsandthings.com 



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